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Core Competence

Chao Yu-Zhuzhou City Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in China Town Carbide - Zhuzhou, is the production of diamond grinding wheel, carbide deep-processing products and machinery products of professional firms.

The company was founded in 1998, it has in place a variety of advanced production equipment and testing equipment, equipment, strong technical force. We always follow the principle of "equality and mutual benefit, common development", "quality first, service-oriented" business purpose, abide by the contract, in good faith for the concept of customer satisfaction for the purpose, commitment to customers who made us absolute fulfillment in place. If customers use our products in materials processing problems, regardless of what has proceeded to step, we accept the unconditional return policy.

The company mainly produces / sells products Diamond wheel series; Carbide Series: carbide plates, long thin slices, stamping mold core rod, wear parts, carbide cutting tools, molds, etc; tungsten and molybdenum materials Series: tungsten / molybdenum crucible, tungsten / molybdenum plate, tungsten / molybdenum rods. According to customer requirements Gezhongfeibiao pieces (including cutting tool), processing machinery products. Wherein specialty products for:


1. tungsten steel plate. General specifications for the 105 * 105 * thickness (MM), some of the specifications for the 100 * 100 * thickness (MM), 150 * 150/100 * thickness, 200 * 100/150/200/300 * thickness, 250 * 250 * thickness, grade use YG8, YG15, YG20 and YL80, YL80.1, YL90.5, etc., suitable for stamping parts, wear parts, mold inserts, die, powder metallurgy die, stamping dies.


2. tungsten steel bars. High degree of precision, the length of the rod is generally grinding 100MM long, rough stick is 330MM long. Rough, coarse grinding, grinding can be done, all with tungsten carbide, cobalt powder material generation, refused to back feed material. Tungsten steel bars are generally the most typical uses for the production of tungsten steel cutter, tungsten steel punch needle.


3. tungsten steel round mold. Various outside and inside diameter tungsten steel round mold, different lengths. Professional mold for powder metallurgy and cold heading die round mold materials, the main material to YG8 and YG15 mainly mold complete.


4. Shaped tungsten steel, wear-resistant parts. This product complies with international standards, high accuracy, fine workmanship, short delivery, for a variety of difficult shaped.


5. tungsten steel cutting tools. 310 commonly used long knives, recommended grade YF10.2 YG6X like.


6. Diamond Wheel: Parallel grinding wheel, bowl-shaped wheel, disc wheel, single, double bevel wheel, cup wheels, centerless grinding, and so on. Our company is the largest domestic carbide, diamond wheel tool business for many years high-quality suppliers.


After years of practice efforts, the company constantly improve the level of quality management, product quality has been affirmed and recognized by the majority of users, the products are exported to Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South Asia country. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. We will continue our efforts to provide customers with a more satisfactory products and services.

We sincerely welcome foreign businessmen to visit, consult, discuss trade cooperation in various ways.


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